Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hey guys! I actually got chosen for the jury.. go figure! LOL And i did bring my hand sewing.. and they DID confiscate my little bitty nail clippers!! But got them reinstated, so was able to sew while waiting - that was a bonus!! :) The trial only went half way, and the people decided to settle - kind of a bummer!! LOL But i did actually really enjoy it!! Surprise surprise! :) I was really impressed with our local court's efficiency and process!! (and surprised!) And it was fun watching the process - plus there was levity from the judge and other jurors - so that helped too! I was pretty saddened by the fact that they have completely removed God from the courtrooms now too. People no longer swear to tell the truth, so help them God. Nope.. they just say "i swear to tell the truth". period. How sad. :( God has been forced out of our schools, our government and off of our money. This just breaks my heart, as our country was founded and based on God, and God fearing men and women. The reason our country is what it is, and so many are out to destroy that. It just hurts my soul :( xo bren

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TamboinMO said...

I also enjoyed my jury duty experience as well. It does give you better insight to all the work that goes into a trial and when we got down to the deliberation process it was fun to see how seriously everyone took their role.
I loved it and feel fortunate to live in a country where we are part of the process.