Saturday, August 9, 2008

Brown and Pink?

OK, this is making me laugh. I didn't realize i was SO picky about stuff like this!!
??? why i wonder ??
Going thru the available backgrounds AGAIN. LOL
That one's too busy, that one's not "me", too prissy, too dark, too stark, etc etc!
haha... reminds me of a dr. seuss book about hats!
So i'm not a big "pink girl". I don't detest it by any means. But i'm more of a dirty pink kinda girl! And i love browns, and i love them together! But i don't know if either of the two i have picked are really me? lolol How dumb, huh? It's just a blog!!
So here we go... new template today! Browns and pinks.
Tomorrow we will try the other pink and brown one. and then the next day we'll try the BRIGHT hot pink and lime green!!
(haha... ok... little side note here... lol.... i LOVE POLKA DOTS!!! I heart them, yes i do! Dunno why? But have always loved circles and polka dots. Strange i know! And... i have a love affair with lime green!! Go figger!)
Lemme know what you think of this one!
The one with the most votes on Weds wins and stays!
Bren :)


TamboinMO said...

Bren, I like this one....very soothing! Thanks for turning me on to that website!

Jacque said...! I think I've created a monster! hahahahaha..I do like this one, though!

Sheri said...

Bren, I like it too. But I am a pink kind of girl. LOL. It's nice and girly.