Sunday, June 29, 2008

Woah! Talk about surprised!!!

OH MY GOSH ! ! ! !
I think this was my face yesterday when Dan took me for a walk and gave me my birthday present!!!!!!

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Are you shocked? I was!!

He presented me with 2 scooters/mopeds!!! (the silver one is mine - and he put stickers on the front that says "Dan's Girl" !! LOL)

Let me just say.. this is not something i have been wanting, or ever suggested, or ever even thought about!! LOL! ......... BUT......... it was absolutely THE BEST gift I have ever been given!! I (as a woman) had challenged my husband years ago to think outside the box when it comes to gifts!! (haha he certainly did that!!) And not to rely on "lists". I mean.. what fun is that? If someone truly knows you - they know what makes you laugh, what you find intriguing, etc ! And (yes as a woman again) i think gifts should be about the person you are giving it to!! And one should take the time to actually THINK about it!

Soooooooo......... he did!

And he decided that the woman he married likes to have fun!! And that we have been lacking in that department for some time, as most of our time is centered around the kids - and not a whole lot of fun for him and i on a "let's date!"and have fun together basis !! LOL

Well .... boy howdy did we have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I don't think i stopped smiling all day!! LOL I probably have a bazillion bugs in my teeth! We scootered all over the place - together- and thoroughly enjoyed the day!! I feel like a grinning school kid... you know... missing teeth and all!!

Speaking of which... Calli lost her top tooth on Thursday at VBS !! :D

I am so excited to keep going out on expeditions with my best friend/husband on our scooters! It made me feel ALIVE and FREE and FUN again!! And don't we all need that??!! I know I sure do, and I want to participate in life... not just watch it go by!
So i must say... 40 ain't so bad! LOL!
THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for all the wonderful birthday wishes yesterday!! You guys made me smile so big, and I felt so loved! Thank you!! I was howling with laughter when i sat down to check my blogs (morning routine) and opened up Jacque's blog, and Trudy's blog - my mouth dropped! And then i couldn't stop laughing! Thank you for all your wonderfully sweet comments and emails!!
I love you guys!!


Gayle said...

Bren - What a fun fun gift your hubby gave you for your birthday! Sure hope he included helmets to wear too!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Bren ~ a belated Happy Birthday!! And what a great gift the scooter is ~ and the 40 butt rug, too. Have fun and you two can ride off into the sunset together ~ how sweet!!!