Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Back to Work

T Bead Letter H A Pewter Lowercase Letter t Copper Uppercase Letter T H i Pastry Cutter N plain card disc letter g I_McElman_070718_2970 d003 O

letter R u G_McElman_070709_0154

( H ) o O k e R in circle

Ok, so just HOW KEWL are these??!!

I was doing my morning blog cruise with my coffee, and low and behold the Nesting Place had the link to produce these!! So yes... i proceeded to waste a whole hour playing with it! LOL! And trying to figure out how I could make the first one into the header on my blog? I'm sure it's not an Einstien thing, but everything I have tried has not worked. :(

So for now I will have to abandon it and go get to work! LOL But tonight, when i plop down at my desk, all tired and ready for some down time, you can better believe this is what I will be dorkin around with!! hahaha!

Now I am off to draw out 10-12 patterns. They are very time consuming, and this will be the majority of my day. I am busily getting ready for the Denver Hook-in on the 12th, and need to get orders filled that came in over the weekend. I got my new catalogs back yesterday from the printers and they turned out soooo good!! I'm very excited and just thrilled to pieces that they came out as well as they did! I will be putting my kids to work this week, since they have the whole week off from school. (yes yes.. slave labor.. blah blah blah. But they WANT to help!! And i'd be stupid to turn down two extra sets of arms when so many of the things I need to do are very mundane and time consuming! LOL! I'm very thankful for their sweetness and desire to help their mama!!)

So with that, I'm off! If you happen to know how to make these into one picture - let me know!! Pretty please? I just LOVE them!!!

big hugs, bren :)

ps.. trying to edit this, as the format of the blog is breaking up the way it shows they are aligned on the preview page. ugh. i'm snot understanding???!!

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The Nester said...

it turned out great!