Monday, March 17, 2008

Thank you so much for your prayers!!!! I know they've been heard! Thank you for taking the time to do that for me - I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate it! It's been an odd couple of weeks, and knowing that people were praying in my stead helped me immensly! I'm busily working on orders, and dying for the Denver Hook-in on April 12th. Washing wool, dying wool, tagging everything, and trying to organize along the way! 3 of my kids are sick with the crud. :( all at varying stages of it, and i am doing my best not to kiss on them and nagging them to wash their hands constantly. LOL Emily has asthma, and I'm praying she doesn't get it! And I just can't afford a bout of bronchitis right now - which is what it turns into the minute I get it! So staying positive, and proactive about it, and airborne has become my best friend! LOL I've set aside my big honkin rug for a while, and am currently working on a smaller challenge rug - ugh.. get this... in a SIZE 6 !! (and some #4's !!! can you believe i just said that??! LOL) Yes, it's taking forever! But because the size of the rug was determined by the challenge, I couldn't go any bigger, and this design was just begging to be hooked - soooo to hook it, it has to be done in the smaller cuts. ugh. DEFINITELY a CHALLENGE for me!!!!!! LOL I will post pictures of both after the challenges are over. :) Wishing I had more new designs hooked up for the hook-in, but this last year I have mostly hooked on things that are not for sale. It's been nice! :) But that also means I don't have many new things to hang at the show! Ah well. There's always wool! LOL! Speaking of which, I'd better get back at it! Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day! ~Bren

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