Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I got my new catalogs back from the printers the other day. And last night I printed off the price sheet and order form and folded and stapled 60 of them. Yay! Still have more to do, but that's enough for the hook-in and that's where my focus is right now. :) I think they turned out great! They will be available on our website later today, for $6.
And since Jacque made that awesome header for me, I got to sit and watch Dancing with the Stars before I fell into bed! I'm a self professed nerd. LOL I don't watch much TV - I pretty much nixed it out of my diet about 9 or 10 years ago - just too much negativity, and yuck stuff!
But about two or three years ago my girlfriend talked me into watching American Idol! haha! I watched it once and was HOOKED!! So this is the third season we are watching and loving! Also got sucked into Dancing with the Stars, and So ya think you can dance! Seeing a pattern here? :D Good wholesome shows! So anyway... we record them on the DVR and then it's a true treat to sit down and watch one when I have the time!
Who do you think are the contenders this year? That Jason sure is good!! And Kristy Yamagoochi (i know the spelling is wrong! ack!) is awesome! But I just love Steve Guttenburg - and i think they were too harsh on him - i think he did GREAT! I'm actually enjoying them ALL this year! Who's your fave?

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Jacque said...

Hey Brenis...try scanning your catalog...no flash spot! And, really, it took me about 5 minutes to make that header...no biggie! {grin}

DWTS...I think Mario and Kristi and maybe Shannon will be in the finals.