Monday, February 25, 2008

It's a Monday :)

Well I sure haven't been blogging much lately! Kind of boring for you guys when I am just chasing my tail doing daily chores and errands!
I have been busy kitting up rugs, and dying for customers...
Busy getting my new platform up and running hereIt's a wonderful, clean and simple selling platform. Check it out!
If you want to look at all the rug hooking associated items, (or anything else for that matter!) either click on the picture above, or type into your url. Then type Rug Hooking into the search bar on their site. We have lots of great hooking vendors setting up stores there!
My personal ecrater store site is now:

I have been trying to get a few wools listed each day!

Dying for customers, and color planning rugs....

Sam's club shopping, stocking up the pantry and fridge - we were out of everything!

Busily hooking on my big honkin rug that i can't show you :( - making SUCH A MESS!! I am definitely NOT a clean and tidy hooker!! LOL! This was my mess just from last night!

But that's only cuz I need so many different wools to paint what I see in my mind!
Lil miss oreo is not so little anymore! She is such a LOVE, and such a talker! She loves to follow me around telling me her life story all day! LOL! What a goof ball. Like my 5 year old daughter ever stops talking either??!!!!! They are a match made in heaven!
I have been bitten by the spring cleaning bug, and am attacking every room, every nook and cranny with a vengance! Yesterday after getting back from sam's club, I emptied three of the kitchen cabinets and threw just about everything away. Yeeehaw! If I hadn't used it in a year, in the trash it went! And NOW I actually have room in my cupboards! Gotta love it!
I still have several more kitchen cupboards to go through and clean and organize, and windows to wash... trying to do a little each day. I want to pain my kitchen cupboards - they are the old 70's gross wood - i think they are actually press board, covered in a thin oak panel? Yuck!
Well.. we just don't have the budget to replace them right now.
I CAN paint them and rejuvinate my kitchen a bit!
Question is...
I am stumped actually.
I would LOVE some help, thoughts, input of any kind on this one - since i am a decorating retard when it comes to my own home!
I will post some pics of the kitchen tomorrow - begging for help!
Until then, i have to get back to the dye pots! I have approx 17 yards that need dying for some custom kits, and I got NO dying done this weekend!
Hope you have a very blessed day! (now pleaaase tune in tomorrow and help me with my painting delimma??!)
Bren :)


Gayle said...

Bren - Your freshly dyed wools look just delicious!

About your kitchen cupboards - sounds like we're in the same boat - I have plans to paint mine also. I'm using this gals makeover for inspiration - think I'll do red just like she did.

Hope that link works for you!

Bluejean Primitives said...

eCrater is great isn't it!!!!!!

Jean :)

ps.. LOVE your blog!