Sunday, December 23, 2007

Getting ready for Santa

Been a busy bee the last few weeks! Getting ready for Santa to come!
Running each child out by themselves, so they can do their shopping for their brothers and sisters and everyone! I've been sneaking out whenever I can to do my (read all) shopping, and wrapping, and cleaning and decorating, and cookie making... huh boy! Im tired! LOL!
I don't think anyone really realize how much moms take on during the holidays. Starting with gearing up for Thanksgiving, and going through to new year, it is NON stop - trying to do everything for everybody! lol
I try soo hard to start early and be on top of it, so it's not so difficult during the Christmas season. But this year it really crept up on me and I have been chasing my tail since November! lol

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and we will be going to the early church service at 3, and then heading over to Grama's for dinner and presents. Then rolling in late, and trying to get everyone asleep so Santa can come! I am running around like the proverbial chicken getting all those last minute details taken care of. But i needed a small break, and thought it would be a good time to blog :) haha.. cuz i have nothing else i should be doing... right? LOL

our tree... not a "fancy shmancy 'grown up tree'" - but one filled with vintage ornies that each hold memories! A tree of LOVE.

funny but this one is one that brings back some of the biggest memories!

also have plenty of fun funky kid made ornies :) this one was made by my son Gavin -now
17 1/2 - he made this when he was 3. It's Santa - can you tell?

Hand made ornaments from primitive friends.. beaded ones from my grama...

This burlap Stanta is 39 years old :)
My parents bought us each an ornament each year as we were growing up... this was my first.
We have continued that with our children - so our tree has soo many different things on it! Including, Dora's, Barbies, Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles, Snoopy and the gang, glass blown ornies, crocheted ornies... wow you name it!
I tried having a "grown up" tree one year. I thought it was gorgeous!!! And i liked it for the season... but it was missing heart... and all that LOVE!
Yep. so call me a sap! You'll be right! :D

A couple quick pics of the babies... they are spaztic little nerds!
This is their FAVORITE spot to be! On top of the Bose. And everytime they step, they push the buttons (on top of the unit). LOL We have loud music come on out of the blue, on some weird station - at all hours of the day and night! haha!
This is Oreo..

This is Oreo ASLEEP on the bose. LOL Head hangin over totally konked out!

Busted them the other day... haha... i had set my hooking down and went to do something... came back half an hour later and they were crashed out on it. Ho boy!! These little kitties LOVE LOVE LOVE the wool!!!
Funny.. so do i!
I hope you all have an ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL Christmas, and an incredibly blessed new year!

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