Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A little sewing

Today I am going to finally take the day to sit at my sewing machine!
Things have been crazy around here with the kittens racing around and peeing here there and everywhere!! Arrrgghhh!!!
They are precious, but oohhh I'm having to remember that when i see them squatting anywhere besides the litter box!!
The older cats seem to be a little more accepting, although we are definitely NOT at the point where they are "ok" with them being here! They just mostly ignore them now. :(

And bless her heart.. .Calli is in hog heaven having babies to tote around, and dote on, and rock to sleep!! Oh my!
She races home from school, throws her backpack at the door and zooms through the house looking for them! Not a minute goes by that they are not her top priority!

Anyhow... I have a plan today!
I am heading for the shower, and then straight down to my craft room to sew some wooly pouches that need to be finished up, and then I am going to do this:

Heather Bailey had put up a free and fun little pattern for headbands... months ago!
I bought some darling fabrics, and elastic to make them, and have just not had the free time!
So today is the day! It will be a headband bonanza!! :D

If you haven't seen these, go take a peek.

They're fun, and very simple! I know Calli and Emily will be wearing them like crazy once I actually get them done!
I'll post a picture later!
Today I am grateful for the lovely quiet in the house. :)
Blessings, Bren

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Jacque said...

Hey Bren...be sure to let me know how the headbands worked out...I may make some for Jasmine! Hope you had a good day!