Friday, October 12, 2007

In my defense...

Now...In my own defense... regarding the post below.. I very rarely GIVE IN to that temptation/desire! LOL! As my close friends and family can all attest! I just struggle with it, and recognize it when it happens!! You guys just got to be some of the innocent bystanders this (second) time I have actually given in to it! :D My work ethic is such that "work always comes first" over fun - and while that's a good thing, it can also be a 'curse', because you never get any fun time!! (because there's ALWAYS work to be done!!) So anyway... haha... just wanted to share that with you! It's not like i cave regularly! :D (but DARN IT FELT GOOD!!!!) Well today is 'the day before the show'. Which means i'm leaving a blur behind me i'm running around so fast! Things still to be tagged, cards to print, freebies to gather, making sure i have all the neccessary things... bags, receipts, pens, extra tags, my grids, screw gun, tape, scissors,.. well you get the idea! LOL Tomorrow should be fun! I LOVE being around a bunch of other hookers!! ttfn :) Bren (woosh!! did you see that cartoony blur as i rushed away???)

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