Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Caught in the act of doing that thing I do!!

hee hee
You've caught me in the act of doing "that thing i do" . (she says rolling her eyes)
So here i am ... busting my tail to get all the stuff done for my show on the 13th... dyeing wool, tracing a bazillion patterns, trimming and tagging everything, and organizing.... still having to draw another 15 patterns or so.. and dye some lights.. and guess what?
I decided i NEEDED to hook.
Like NOW.
(I swear this isn't a form of procrastination!!! It's more like escapism when i am feeling overwhelmed!! lol)
But... the fact that it invariably happens when i am THE BUSIEST, and truly have no time to squeeze anything else in... i become my most creative!! Sheesh.
Soooo.... while working, i figured i could at least just draw this out... (you know.. to be hooked "later")
donchya know
the minute it was drawn
i REALLY (of course) WANTED to hook it!
So was i a good girl?
did i turn a blind eye to it and keep working?
Heck no.
Instead i gathered wool and hooked like a maniac and got this done in a day and a half!
I have since tried a few different borders on it, and they just didn't work the way i wanted them to. And since i have NO TIME to fiddle with it, i am just hooking a couple of rows of yummy browns around the edges and will be steaming it later today!
I need to mention that I have wanted to do a 'sampler' type rug for some time, but just couldn't get it to flow right. Then on Sept 1st kelley posted this darling rug on her blog! I just LOVED it!! So since then visions of sugar plums... uh.. er... prim samplers have been dancing through my head. She inspired me. Somehow that switch got flipped to the "on" position!! lolol
Kept telling myself... yah.. after the hook-in you can work on one!
Fat chance!
I DID hold out for a couple weeks!! I did good!! LOL!!
I got MOST of my work done before caving in! :D
Does that count?

Also just about got this finished. I am going to rehook the cat once again. I think i am just going to do it in an antique black... just a silhouette in front of the tree. Also going to hook a row of dark on the bottom, and rehook a few of the leaves on the trees as they have disappeared. But it too will be steamed and serged today, and taking a road trip with me on the 13th. This one is bigger... 22x 48. I'm liking the medium value background - but boooyyy is it a booger to work with! It really does define what you can and can't use!

Wow this pic turned out so dark :(
Well.. i have two more days before the hook-in... heh heh... maybe I should start a new quilt!? LOL There's plenty of time..
Ok, i really need to get back to work!
Have a blessed day!!
~Bren :0)
ps... saturday my oldest son Gavin broke the top of his foot!! yeeoouch! And i took Bailey to the dr. on Monday with strep throat. Thankfully Bay is healing right up with antibiotics! And poor Gav is just going to have to suffer thru it while his foot heals, as there is nothing they can do for it! :(

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TamboinMO said...

Oh Bren,
You sooooo crack me up!!!
That thing you do....fer sure!!!
Sometimes you just have to stop and feed your soul to remember why you push yourself so much!