Monday, August 13, 2007

Well... long time no post! I have been running wildly for the last several weeks, school shopping for the kids. I gave up taking them all at one time. This just leads to disaster, and everyone ending up being VERY cranky at the end of the day, with not much accomplished! So.. i take them out individually now. This way I can focus on just one child, and give them my undivided attention for that whole day or two!! No little Calli's running in and out of the clothes rounders, and me constantly checking to see where she is, and telling her to behave!! (that girl NEVER runs out of energy!!) So, got them all shopped for. New clothes... they feel pretty. :) New school supplies. (ok... this will blow your mind... for the 4 kids, for school supplies ALONE.. just papers, pens, binders etc.. and shopping the sales, and ONLY buying them if they were on sale (yes this is a must!) it was almost $300 !! $289 to be exact! Can you believe that?!?) THEN... they started school last Tuesday... and here they come ... with more school supply lists!! My jaw dropped!! I expect one or two things to not have made it on the master list. Honestly.. that's normal. LOL But... there were individual lists from EACH teacher with MORE needs - above and beyond what they already had. And each teacher wants those items to stay in their class!?!? Another $10-12 PER CLASS, per kid - and they each have 6-7 teachers!!!!!!!! Well. I flipped my lid. I didn't handle it too well. Approximately $75 per kid for school supplies (on massive sale mind you!) is a TON of stuff!! And they are requiring more?? Each teacher requiring the new supplies stay in their individual class, instead of using that highlighter for all classes? :( So... needless to say i'm a wee bit frustrated. I think that's kind of rediculous.. not to mention $$ wise - throws me wayyy out of my budget! So... i've been struggling with a bad attitude all week! On the flip side.. the kids all started school .. except Calli. She starts tomorrow. Ohhh . My baby!! :( goin to kindegarten! She's gotten soo big! My last one. My constant companion. Leaving me! :( :( :( So yup, i'm a little bummed! LOL (quit laughing) Of course i am also looking forward to having 2.5 full days to myself!! I'll actually be able to dye all day, and draw my patterns, make pouches.. all that good stuff and get geared back up! :D So i'm excited about that! Oohh.. and think about the house cleaning possibilities!! :D LOLOL It might actually stay clean for a whole day, since everyone is gone at school!! hahaha! Yesterday was Gavin's 17th birthday! Holy cow. My first baby just about all grown up!! And my youngest going to kindegarten.. all in the same week. sheesh. hormones! lol! We made chocolate chip cookies this week. And home made cinnamon apple sauce from the apples off the tree in the back yard. Yummers!! The garden is producing at a regular rate now - and NORMAL sized veggies!! LOLOL The tomatoes are TO DIE FOR!!!! aaahhh i just love home grown maters!!! :D It's been around 100-104* for the last couple weeks. We're all permanently clammy. lol I've given up wearing makeup, as it just slides off my face within 10 minutes of putting it on!! LOL! FAll will be here soon enough, and i'll try to look more like a girl then! :) Grama's just about settled in. She's replacing her carpet for wood floors this week, and trying to decide what color to paint her living room. But mostly settled in! The kids go over and swim nearly everyday.. but now with school started, i'm guessing the pool won't see as much action. Well today i need to make a wooly pouch and get it sent off. I have one i made... and i can't find the owner!!!?? :( My email account had issues and crashed a couple weeks ago... and lost all the orders... i matched them all up except two! Ack!! So if one of these orders was yours - please pleeeeaaseee call me!!! They're sitting here waiting to find you!!! Ok.. i better scoot. Soo much to get accomplished today!! Unfortunately nothing creative for a couple more days. I keep telling myself "soon! soon!" LOL (going thru withdrawls!!) I hope you have a very blessed day!! I need to go get in the Word and adjust my attitude!! :P xo Bren

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TamboinMO said...

Oh Bren, Just reading this post reminds me of when you were preggers with how time flies!!!
Okay, I know make-up is probably not in the budget,,,with all you've spent on school supplies....good gravy!!! But....when orders start rolling in I highly recommend the "Bare Escentuals" powder makeup...seems to last and not slip off.

Okay....this is making me laugh...adding this to my list next time I see something I want....."don't have to buy any school supplies....I'm gonna treat myself"'s a running joke that Kenny and I have about not having kids. When everyone's kids were babies we'd say, "don't have to buy diapers....throw it in the cart"!