Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Bountiful Harvest

Well i got to reap my first harvest of the season, from my garden!! :-)
hahaha...check it out!!!

LOLOLOL!! Well the green bean was the only normal sized veggie this first time around! I was laughing my butt off when I put these on the counter! Tooooo funny after all my hard work in the garden! LOL Little itty bitty veggies. Maybe the fairies would look at this as a bountiful harvest? :D
The zucchini and squash are well on their way... and the other maters are much larger but still green... and well... i'm sad to say the radishes just aren't going to happen this season. :-( I have little buggies that ate them all up! And now those buggies are working on my cabbage - and boy do they eat FAST!! I had never seen nor heard of these... they are called "flea beetles" - and their name suits them well! That's exactly what they look like! Anyway, i went and got some bug spray and sprayed everything down yesterday. Hopefully that will keep the little munchers at bay, so we can have some veggies this year! LOL!
I will make sure to post a few pictures of my normal size harvests! :D
Bren :0)


Jacque said...

Hey Bren...I'm betting you'll be able to feed your family for days on that bountiful harvest! What ye reap, so shall ye sow. Something like that...haha!

Anonymous said...

Bren, falling off my chair laughing here girlfriend! Now IF I ever planted a garden that would be my whole take for the season! LOLOLOL