Friday, June 1, 2007

That Thing I do...

So many things can fall under this heading! But this particular post relates to something that only my close friends and family know about!!

It's actually pretty lame.. and pretty funny at the same time. Even I recognize it (now) when I do it! :P

Whenever I am totally overwhelmed, crazy busy, working like a madwoman, and have an upcoming deadline... THAT is when my little pea brain decides i need to start a BRAND NEW project!! LOL I guess it's when that little girl inside of me screams "I wanna do something FUN!" and the creative juices just kick into overdrive!!

It's pretty hilarious... because i will be right in the middle of 15 different things, dying up gobs of wool, a show only a week away, kids' projects on a crucial time frame....... and I decide I NEED to ________ (fill in the blank!) start a new quilt (because yah.. i could do that in two days time, right? LOL), paint the living room - or any room in the house that is calling my name at the time, oh.. how bout stopping whatever i'm doing and going down and making a new purse?!, or better yet, let's reupholster (sp?) that chair that has been driving me nuts (for 2 years!) ?!

After all... i'm moving in three days, now's a good time to do that, riiiight???!!!

No kidding!

It's pathetic, really! And this happens regularly!!!

Usually i am able to push through this new "need" and stay focused on all the things i truly do need to get accomplished!! (only because i chant "focus! focus! focus!" LOLOL) Being trained since I was young to finish the task at hand first, and do the job well the first time! And, i have found that if i just push through and keep working, by the time the time crisis has passed, i no longer have the desire to do whatever it is!!

BUT... eevvverrrryyy now and then.... that "need" becomes sooo intensely insistent and i have no will power... i give in!

If i see that i am actually slightly ahead of the game (for a change) and i see a little window of time i can snatch for myself, i somehow convince myself i could get (fill in the blank) ____ done and still keep up with my workload! LOL!

I have NO IDEA why i do this to myself?!?

I just recognize that it happens... regularly!

Sometimes I don't recognize it, and one of my best friends will point it out! LOL

Like yesterday! haha!

The month of June is going to be absolutely intensely chaotic. My mother in law is moving here (one block away) in less than a week, kids just got out of school, I have TWO rug camps this month, and all the kids' summer activities, not to mention all my custom orders that keep rolling in! My first camp is .. hmm.. let's see... 4 days away? (i still need to draw out my pattern and gather and dye wool for it!) So, yesterday i was on the phone with my girlfriend, and i decided i reallllly think i ought to paint my living room!! I've decided i'm not diggin on the current color, and it's starting to distract me, so... i think tomorrow i'm going down to home depot to buy some paint and start moving furniture! (LOL i am one of those weirdos that love to paint!!)... right after i get the rest of those plants into the garden that is!

Oh my gosh! Shoot me now!!!

My girlfriend Jacque, says... "uhh....Bren... you're doing that thing you do! Your camp is in 4 days!!" LOLOL!!

Well smack me stupid! I WAS doing it!! And I hadn't even realized it! Sheesh.

She's right of course. LOL

And just recognizing how full my plate is right now, made it all come into focus!

Thank goodness for good friends!! Thank goodness for discipline! LOL And thank God for coffee!! :0)

So today, we are taking the whole family to a christian music festival being held at our church. 11 bands, including some headliners, will be playing today... and it will be gobs of fun. We probably won't get back until late tonight. And then tomorrow morning the awesome Paris Street flea market happens... so i will be dragging my tired butt on over there early in the morn! Then home to finish planting, and then draw out my pattern and gather and dye wool for camp.

Sunday we have church and then a surprise party for a good friend. And that will give me monday to get packed and ready to go!

Oh.. and did i mention i am also jammin to get an applique quilt done? LOL One of those that was started a few months ago.... during a crazy busy time!! :0)


See ya in a week or so!

Bren :0)

ps.. the above pic is a little rug i just recently finished.

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Jacque said...

Yup, there you are with 'that thing that you do'! The quilt is looking good! Cannot wait to see the newly painted walls! go, girl! And, don't forget about your rug camp!